Tutorial for Election Management System (SPERA) run by JPRP in January 2017

This exercise is intended to provide guidance to members and activist how to manage data and elections. This includes a description of the work, training and activities on the ground. This exercise also gives a clearer input to members to always be ready and use the latest technology to move more neat and orderly. The course was attended by leaders of each branch and there are ready to proceed within the teamwork. Overall, this training is an ongoing process that every member throughout the country can fully benefit for the good of the party.

 The Election Management System (SPERA) was successfully conducted in below several states

14 January 2017
Tutorial SPERA 
1- Johor ; Office of KEADILAN Johor
2- Negeri Sembilan ; Office of KEADILAN Negeri Sembilan

15 January2017
1 - Melaka - Office of KEADILAN Service Centre Melaka
2 - Wilayah Persekutuan, Office of KEADILAN Wilayah Persekutuan
21 January 2017
1 - Kelantan - Complex Darul Hikmah

22 January 2017
1 - Terengganu - Motel Desa Kuala Terengganu
2 - Pahang - Kaf Mim Training Centre, Temerloh
3 - Perak - Office of KEADILAN Perak

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