TELENISA : Statistics and Findings 2019

Get your copy of TELENISA: Statistics and Findings 2019 book which analyses the issues faced by women at the Syariah Court through the data complied by TELENISA in 2019.

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TELENISA : Statistics and Findings 2019

Live Freedom, Sing Freedom

We’re inviting music artists from Malaysia to join our songwriting contest. One Top Song will get to participate in the Southeast Asia regional level with a chance to go to Germany!

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Living Freedom

62 Years of The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

19 May 1958 marked as our birthday, we are happy and delighted that we are getting this far. the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom has been campaigning for the values of freedom, for...

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62 years of Friedrich Naumann Foundation

Stimulating an Artificially Suppressed Demand

As the pandemic has moved from Asia to Europe and the United States, governments are faced with a similar policy dilemma: bringing industry and supply chain to a halt, and risking a recession that...

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Stimulating an artificially suppressed demand

i-Lestari as Stop-Gap Measure While The Economy Returns to Normalcy

The i-Lestari Withdrawal facility is intended to ease the financial burden of Members and help them meet their basic monthly financial needs during the COVID-19 pandemic that allows depositors under...

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i-Lestari as stop-gap measure while the economy returns to normalcy

Ideas: Supply Shocks and Opportunities for Malaysia

The argument for liberalising the economy and promoting competition is well understood. But the reality is that the reform agenda to promote inclusivity and economic growth continues to be perceived...

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Ideas: Supply shocks and opportunities for Malaysia

Cash Cannot Revive Economy

Malaysian government has offered a huge stimulus package to the businesses, worth more than US$60 billion (RM261 billion). This is cash, whether instant, or deferred.

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Cash cannot revive economy

Economic Policies in Times of Emergency

It is not easy to discuss these topics through the ‘emotionless’ lens of economics, but it is necessary. The analysis, moreover, needs to take into account that we are experiencing a partial economic...

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Economic policies in times of emergency

Equitable vs equal burden sharing in times of crisis

We should have equitable burden-sharing during these difficult times. The government should provide expanded social protection at these times. While employers should do their best to take care of...

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Equitable vs equal burden sharing in times of crisis

An inclusive Malaysia is vital

In promoting an inclusive Malaysia, policies to eradicate poverty should focus on empowering the poor and helping them to be competitive and not be dependent on assistance. Inclusive Malaysia is...

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inclusive malaysia