Impression on IAF Seminar Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights

by Sivamalar Genapathy
Law & Fundamental

FNF Malaysia proudly congratulate Mrs. Sivamalar Genapathy who managed to attend IAF Seminar on Rule of Law and Fundamental Human Rights, from 31. January to 12. February 2016. After her return from peaceful Gummersbach City,she keenly shared brief impression about this two weeks seminar.

"Thank you for sponsoring me for this excellent eye opening trip.It gave me the best opportunity to learn and understand the true meaning of being Liberal. All this while I thought I am liberal person. In fact I was not. This seminar thought me and changed my wrong perception on  Liberalism. For that I am truly grateful to you and FNF. I am discussing  with my seminar colleague Ms.Sandra from Indonesia to run similar programmes in Indonesia and Malaysia"


Beside that, It was a great privilege to be part of that seminar consist of  25 young civil right activists from 21 countries. It was a diverse group includes lawyers, civil society members, political scientists, policy makers and etc.For the first time I could openly discuss/present/ talk my radical opinions and thoughts without fear. It was a fantastic platform to discuss not only on the topic of the seminar but also on others issues like religious extremism, migrant issues and world politics.

Our excursion to Strasbourg, France was one of the most memorable part of this seminar. Our First visit was to memorial of the former concentration camp in Hinzert. The following day we visited Federal Constitutional Court of Germany at Karlsruhe. We had a long interactive session with one Dr Thorsten Ehrbeck which made me to understand the importance of having a similar constitutional court in Malaysia.Our last visit was to International Human Rights Institute, which I find not so informative. Almost all the participants including me were slightly disappointed because could not visit the European Institutions.

Food and accommodation was excellent. I had requested for vegetarian meal.Delicious vegetarian meal was served throughout my stay at IAF academy. Quiet and nice environment. IAF academy at Gummersbach is a perfect place for seminar. I truly enjoyed my stay IAF academy.

Overall, my first trip to Germany was an excellent experience. I was able to gain wide knowledge on rule of Law, fundamental human rights, human dignity, Three generation of rights, property rights, different perspectives of human rights, human rights violation, the significance of first generation rights and etc.

Sivamalar Genapathy