Organizational Strategic Planning Workshop

(held by Akademi Pilihanraya Keadilan/APK) in Langkawi, Kedah 12 – 14 Oct, 2015

This seminar was attended by the PKR Central Election Committee. The opening remark by YB Nurul Izzah Anwar was conducted via Skype Video Conference, due to last minute political meeting in KL. She highlighted on some of the political update such as the new forming of Pakatan Harapan, the proposed no confidence vote on the PM as well as the internal preparation of the PKR Election Committee.

It was the followed by an overview on Academy’s 2016 strategic planning by Hj Ismail Yusop. He also touched on the election preparation and latest political scenario of the country. He shared details on the latest seat negotiation among the Pakatan Rakyat alliance in Sarawak for the upcoming Sarawak State Election. Latest issues and polemics on the political landscape demand some modification on the approach. The dissolution of former Pakatan Rakyat and now replace by Pakatan Harapan has a major impact on the election dynamic.

The next two days were packed with presentation of the early draft of field coaching training modules, standard operating procedure and matters related to the field coaching program by 11 sub-committee working groups. It was then discussed, rework and presented again by participants.

By the end of the workshop, we have managed to come up with the final draft of the field coaching manual and training module. Action plan for the next 3 months and also for 2016 was also discussed in details.